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Wills Variation Act Reasons

If the testator’s spouse or child brings a claim before the Court to vary the testator’s will, Section 5 of the Wills Variation Act permits the Court to consider the testator’s reasons for making his/her dispositions in the will.

Although …

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Changes to the Power of Attorney Act (BC)

Effective September 1, 2011, several changes were made to the Power of Attorney Act relating to Enduring Power of Attorney instruments (“EPOA”).  Some of the changes to be aware of are as follows:

1. EPOAs made prior to the new …

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Judge awards additional $5.5 million to daughter in a Wills Variation Act case

On New Years’ Eve 2011, the BC Supreme Court ordered one of the largest awards under the Wills Variation Act.

The mother’s Last Will and Testament was made 18 years before her death.  The mother’s estate was valued at …

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Estate Planning Pitfalls

You’ve thought about your estate plan.  You know how you want your assets distributed after your death.  Maybe you’ve even written a last will and testament.  So what could go wrong?  Here are a few key things to remember:

  1. Formalities
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What if Your Will Has a Mistake?

This happens all the time – someone writes an e-mail with a typo, spell-check does not pick it up, and the email is sent out with a mistake in it.  When this happens in an email, it’s usually no problem.  …

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Why Make a Will?

It’s a decision most of us will face sometime in our lives: whether or not to leave a will.  Some people choose not to leave a will, dissuaded by the expense or effort of writing a will.  Some people may …

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