Alexander Holburn

Legal Expenses to be Paid by the Estate in Committeeship Applications

In Vieira (Re), 2013 BCCA 420, [Vieira], the BC Court of Appeal commented on the circumstances in which an order for special costs would be made against the estate of an individual when an interested party …

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When Does the Government Get My Property?

People often think that when a person passes away without a will and immediate family, their property will go to the government. This is not entirely correct. It can be the case that the property of a person who passes …

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Estate Planning Pitfalls

You’ve thought about your estate plan.  You know how you want your assets distributed after your death.  Maybe you’ve even written a last will and testament.  So what could go wrong?  Here are a few key things to remember:

  1. Formalities
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What if Your Will Has a Mistake?

This happens all the time – someone writes an e-mail with a typo, spell-check does not pick it up, and the email is sent out with a mistake in it.  When this happens in an email, it’s usually no problem.  …

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